seth tobacman

SETH TOBOCMAN is a neo-expressionist comic book artist who started drawing before he could read and hasn’t stopped for long since. After introducing Harvey Pekar to cartoonist Gary Dumm—the duo who’d go on to create the iconic neo-realist comic book American Splendor—Tobocman eventually went on to become an outsider icon in the comic book world himself, inspired by the likes of William Burroughs, Pablo Picasso and David Bowie. His anti-war adult comic book, the alternative magazine World War Three Illustrated, found a worldwide audience and Tobocman has since published books (You Don’t Have to Fuck People Over to Survive, War In the Neighborhood), been involved in New York City politics, produced art on the Israel/Palastine conflict (the book Portraits of Israelis and Palestinians, the art show Three Cities Against the Wall) and taught comics at the School of Visual Arts in New York City. For more on his story and art go to—